April 1, 2010

Three cheers

In no particular order, just a few things that brought a smile to my face today...

Cheers to plastic Easter eggs hanging from twigs

Cheers to blooms, new and old

And cheers to doggie kisses
(even at shutter speeds too slow to freeze them!) 
 Happy Easter
(Part Deux)
From Molly Moo
And Rudy too


  1. ooh, i love the eggs picture. and the flowers- did you take those?? how did you do that- with your telephoto or regular lens?

  2. Thanks! All taken w/ our regular 18-55mm. With the eggs, I was laying under the tree and practiced the center-weighted metering b/c the first couple shots caught too much sky & looked blown out.

    The flowers were in vases inside (the white one shot from above w/ a blue tablecloth underneath)--I think you need a pretty high shutter speed or tripod w/ those though because the white one was 1/30th due to so-so light (big surprise) and I couldn't get it totally crisp. The tulip was 1/80th (different room) and it turned out clearer.