April 22, 2010

An Earth Day Celebration!

(Mother Nature smiling on our "Just One Thing")


  1. love the photos! so crisp, so clear, so colorful! perfect. you've been practicing : )

    can i come get a tutorial on cloth diapering? i've been pondering trying it for a while now, and am motivated now more than ever to do it!

  2. thanks Em --funny how much easier it is to lock focus on stationary objects than my crazy kiddos :)

    I'd LOVE to have you here to show you my stash & set-up...I did that with Maria when she was pregnant w/ Ruby and it's worked out great for her too. I wish I'd known someone in real life who I could have learned from when I decided to start w/ Charlotte - instead it was a lot of trial & error and reading in forums, etc. So Anytime!

  3. love these...colors are so great...and sunburst coming through...very cool shots!