April 25, 2010

Dishin' the Dirt

This week's Friday Night Pizza Night was happily replaced with a dinner invitation from neighborhood friends. We were in charge of dessert, and in keeping with the Earth Day theme, Charlotte and I stole the Dirt Cake idea from another friend's blog :)  I can still vividly remember the BBQ at which I was introduced to my first Dirt Cake as a child.  Just like in our home today, "gummies" were a rare treat back then...so a whole dessert interspersed with them??  Heaven!

Speaking of heaven, I'm pretty sure Jen & Lew have the best backyard in the whole neighborhood, possibly the city.  Step through one of two doorwalls onto a deck spanning the entire back of the house.  To the right, a beautiful garden.  To the left, the kids' cozy cottage.  Front and center, a pool.  Behind the pool, a huge play structure.  And beyond that?  Still more room to run than we have in our entire yard.  Oh, and a glorious fence to contain the kiddies while the adults relax and dish a little dirt.  It's no wonder we spend much more time there than they do here :) 

Some shots of the girls with Lacy (5) and David (3).  Such cuties, and look at those eyes!  (Can't wait until I can grab the reigns on my new editing software and really make them pop...Man, how I'm already missing that dedicated 3 hour block of learning each week.) 

The kids getting ready to "dig in". You can see my girls enjoyed their ribs!

And to wrap up the evening, some post-dinner entertainment:
I have to say I just adore when sweet older girls accept little Charlotte as their playmate -- she tends to stay out of trouble following around her idols (can't you just feel the love in the photo below??), and I'm able to catch a quick glimpse of the courteous schoolgirl she just may become :)

 So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night...
The Von Trapp kids have nothin' on these munchkins.

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  1. great photos, christina! love your dirt cake presentation, too.

    have to ask about how you got your photos next to each other but on opposite sides. (we can talk about it friday.)