April 19, 2010


I broke out the new camera today at the park.  At its lowest apertures, this lens kicks out some serious bokeh! (background/foreground blur, helps to isolate the subject in portraits).  I'm trying to get used to zooming with my feet, and also experimenting with a back-button focus method that's hailed to be more accurate once you get the hang of it.  Alas, today there were more misses than hits.  But such a cute subject I have to practice on :)

It's easy to get carried away with the lower f/stops and end up with a shallower depth of field than intended (may have been nice to stay crisp all the way down to her sneakers in this shot).  A lot of trial and error ahead of me...
...but that practice will have to wait as today my real focus became chasing Molly every which way.  A couple weeks can make a big difference in how adventurous a toddler is!  Last time we were at this park, she just soaked in the rays and poked around in the mulch a bit.  This morning, she was bound and determined to climb and chase her big sis through every nook and cranny.  I quickly learned that a mommy with a hefty SLR around her neck is not very agile in dodging under bridges and through tunnels :)

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  1. loving the new lens of yours! can you bring your camera tomorrow for show-and-tell?! love the fence pics and the one of her crawling away from you.

    yes, park mommy with slr around her neck is tricky, but something i'm learning to get the hang of. i can even wear mine while sliding with harper!