March 18, 2010

Take 3

Molly's stranger anxiety (or perhaps "strange-place" anxiety?) is now in full effect.  Two separate trips to Portrait Innovations for 12-month photos ended with many tears and no photos.  A budget $9.99 package at a strip mall joint certainly didn't warrant a 3rd traumatic attempt, so we moved them to our home "studio", i.e. the 4 foot space between the back of the couch and the doorwall :)   Yes, they are now a month late, she has more teeth than she did at 1 year (a front one already chipped from a peek-a-block debacle!) but better late than never, here's our sweet girl at 13 months...

Pushed my luck a bit with an outfit change - she was growing crabby & bored of the camera, but found comfort in Daddy's arms with a thumb to sooth.

 And my other Irish princess with her BFF at our annual St. Pat's dinner. 

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