March 13, 2010

Maternity in Manual

I bravely took my first round of photos in Manual mode today, meaning I had to pick the appropriate aperture (diameter of the lens opening) and shutter speed in order to catch the right amount of light for a "correct" exposure.  It was much easier when I left these choices up to the camera!  I had pretty mixed results but a beautiful and willing subject to practice on.  My girlfriend, Erin, is taking my photography class with me so she was understanding and patient while I fumbled with my settings. 

We almost canceled because of the dark and dreary weather  (even though we were going to be indoors, I needed natural window light -- I'm still lightyears and bookoo bucks away from having the talent and equipment required for decent flash photography).  So a very challenging day for my first try.  But we decided to chalk it up to practice...and she wanted to make sure she had a few shots in case this baby makes its appearance before we have another free day with good light.

I'll admit, I used to think maternity photos were a bit hokey, but after today I am a little sad that I don't have anything like these to show my girls one day.  Of course, the near-40-pound addition that I was sporting at 36 weeks may not have photographed so cute!

P.S. Can you tell from these pics who was voted "best smile" at N.H.S. Class of '96??  My own "class couple" distinction didn't have quite the same staying power :)

Blue? :)


  1. Thanks Christina! I had a lot of fun and these will be great memories for my baby journal! xoxo

  2. Great photos Christina! You did a great job for your first professional shoot. : )

  3. I love them! They look professional to me! I'm so excited you are doing this blog, how fun! I'll add it to my reader...