February 19, 2010


Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, OH MY.  This week's subject matter was the most dreaded on the syllabus.  I found my mind wandering during class, looking forward to catching up on the latest episode of LOST when I got home...Need. To. Focus.

Over the last couple years, I've checked out a couple different best-sellers on Exposure...and put them both down as quickly as I'd picked them up.  These fundamental concepts, which seemed so elusive to me, were the main reason I knew I needed to take a photography class vs. self-teach.  I just don't have the motivation/stamina/(brain cells?) that I had a decade ago when I self-mastered a CBI Physics course at Michigan State.  It could have something to do with those 2 small children running circles around me all day long :)

The good news: by getting out of the house and into the classroom, I finally accomplished the goal of learning what each of these terms mean.  The bad news: not much is "clicking".  The only way to really understand how they relate to one another is practice, practice, practice...which I obviously have to do on my own time.  Just need to find that time...

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