February 10, 2010

Class in session

I finally had my first photography class last week.  I loved being back in a classroom, enjoyed our instructor's personality & teaching style, and already learned a few tricks.  But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't overwhelmed --both by how much I have to learn, and the gear and software (therefore $) required to take my photos to the next level.  The timing's not great either, with Andy just on the mend from a medical scare, and trying to plan Molly's 1st birthday party for this weekend.  Is it bad that I was already crossing my fingers for a Snow Day cancellation the 2nd week of class?? (wish granted!  At least I got a temporary reprieve so I can squeeze in more party prep this week).  I do realize that there's probably never a "good time" to take on a new hobby...our schedule already seems crazy, and I know it will only grow more chaotic as the girls get older.   So I resolve to work with whatever time and energy level I have, and try to get the most out of the next 8 weeks.

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