January 3, 2010

Something for me

Let's be candid.  For four years now --save one whole month-- I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding.  I love my babies.  They are my alarm clock every morning, I sing them to sleep every night, and their basic needs and wants consume every waking hour in between.  I am blessed to be home with them and wouldn't change a thing.  Well, maybe just one :)  Something for me:  I have finally signed up for my first photography class and purchased a "big girl" camera to accompany it (thank you Gram! xoxo).  Since the birth of my first daughter, I've been obsessed with trying to capture my kids' countless fleeting moments.  Enter the shutter lag of point-and-shoots, and I've documented more cowlicks on the back of their heads than sparkles in their eyes.  This blog reflects my quest for improvement...

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