January 4, 2010

Out of the box

Our new camera (Nikon D3000, a beginner dSLR) arrived last week and we finally broke it out this weekend to play around. Shooting in natural light is the most fun because of the continuous shutter.  Using the flash makes it slower to reset, therefore more challenging to capture a fidgety toddler, but the autofocus is still a great improvement over the point-and-shoot.

Here are a few shots from the first hour out of the box!  In the interest of full disclosure (the blog is supposed to be candid after all), I will admit that the first 15 minutes consisted of me fumbling around with buttons and scanning the owner's manual before I realized that I actually had to look through the viewfinder, not on the LED screen, to take a picture.  To say that I have a lot to learn would be quite an understatement :)

Thanks to my hubby, Andy, for the sweet shot of me and the baby.  P.S. How lucky am I to have one blue-eyed babe (Charlotte, affectionately known as "Sha-Sha") for vibrant color photos, and one brown-eyed girl (Molly "Moo") for classic black & whites? And of course my furry baby, Reilly, whose pet dander is apparently not lost on this camera!

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