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sick day

November 12, 2014

happy halloweekend

November 1, 2014

little girl, big world

October 10, 2014

Better late than never... her kindergarten portraits.
Somehow, two years have passed since her big sister's shoot.
New home, new school, but the same level of excitement from a 5-year-old ready to take on the world...
She's so proud to call these grounds hers (the hands in the air, this-all-belongs-to-me-now pose? all her doing).
And I'm so proud to call this girl mine.

game face

September 19, 2014

bye bye baby, baby goodbye

September 4, 2014

< insert here: any-and-every-cliche-about-the-baby-of-the-family-starting-kindergarten >
But by 6am, she was excited enough for the both of us...

Yes, I ugly-cried. Intermittently, for 4 hours.
But then...

Not only did she come back to me (still smiling!)...
But she came back with a flower that she'd picked for me at recess.

She'd thought about me. 
Even if only for a teeeeeny tiny fraction of the time that I'd thought about her.
It was enough. ♥

the faster they fly

August 28, 2014

How is it that the older they get, the faster they fly?
Soaking up every last minute...