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merry christmas from ours to yours

December 23, 2015

drink the wild air

December 8, 2015

Live in the sunshine.
Swim the sea.
Drink the wild air.


gotr girl

November 22, 2015

happy halloweekend

October 29, 2015

dear tooth fairy

October 26, 2015

★ ★ ★

the most wonderful time of the year

August 5, 2015

Summer swim season: our Christmas in July. ♥

I swear I do occasionally photograph my kids' other sports ;)... they just rarely make an appearance here.  Soccer, I'm forever a couple seasons behind in editing.  Dance, by the time my OCD has mastered the perfect recital bun x 2, there's little time left to document them.  And basketball?  Two words: fluorescent light. Ick.

So summer swimming is where it's at: my camera + my heart.  An every-day-for-6-weeks-rain-or-shine throwback to my own glory days.  I'm so grateful they love it too.

This year was my youngest's swim team debut.  Two months ago, I wasn't certain she'd make the length of the pool without stopping.  Bwahahahaha, silly mommy.  She showed me...