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you can't win em all...

February 9, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Dance 2015.

One "just one more picture" too many ;)

my kind of town

January 15, 2015

(at my kind of pace, 8 months late...)

My New Year's resolution is to chip away at my backlog of editing + get photos off the computer/into albums.  Same as it was in 2014.  And 2013.  And... well perhaps my resolutions are better suited for Groundhog Day.  At any rate, today while chipping, I stumbled upon the girls' first big-city getaway last spring, and realized I never blogged back then.  So let's pretend I just returned from this superfun windy city weekend, k?

from our (extended) family to yours...

December 23, 2014

sick day

November 12, 2014

happy halloweekend

November 1, 2014

little girl, big world

October 10, 2014

Better late than never... her kindergarten portraits.
Somehow, two years have passed since her big sister's shoot.
New home, new school, but the same level of excitement from a 5-year-old ready to take on the world...
She's so proud to call these grounds hers (the hands in the air, this-all-belongs-to-me-now pose? all her doing).
And I'm so proud to call this girl mine.